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Certificate of Liability Insurance

Insurance FAQ

Don’t be misled by Certificates of Liability Insurance!
It can cost you money!
Just because your foundation company shows you a certificate of liability and says they are fully covered, doesn’t mean you are covered in case of a problem. How can you be sure your contractor is properly insured?

Here is what you should know:

  • General liability and Worker's Compensation
If your foundation company is not insured, your general liability and your workers' compensation policies are charged as if the foundation company employees are your employees.
  • Subsidence Insurance
In Colorado the dirt "moves." Be sure to ask your foundation company if they carry subsidence insurance because almost no one does. If they don't and the dirt moves causing structural damage it will be only your policy that covers you.
  • Multi-Family Insurance
Multi-family insurance is difficult for a foundation company to get. Be sure to ask if it has been excluded which would mean only your policy is covering you.
  • A problem discovered AFTER the policy year may not be covered
The wrong kind of insurance means a problem discovered sometime after the policy year is not covered, so only your policy would be covering you.
  • Additional Insured
Does your foundation company name you as an "Additional Insured?" Let's say your foundation company is negligent and you are brought into a lawsuit. Your foundation company's policy covers you only if you have been named as an additional insured. Be sure to ask about this.


Don’t get hit by your contractors’ OSHA violations!
Safety Equipment
In the eyes of OSHA, the builder is the “controlling employer” and is responsible for ensuring all contractors meet requirements. If your foundation contractor is hit with an OSHA violation, you’ll get the same fine on the first violation. On the second, your fine could be ten times higher, and on the third, it could be 100 times higher.
The only way to protect yourself is to work with contractors who are OSHA compliant. At POR MOR, we strive to meet all safety requirements and are committed to ongoing education. We are trained to check the excavation work completed before we arrive to ensure it meets all requirements. If it does not meet all requirements, we will not start the foundation until it does. Why? Because we think it’s vital to protect ourselves, and you, from accidents, injuries and fines.

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