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Protect yourself against soil movement while also reducing mold exposure and liability​. Pouring foundations in Denver, Colorado, and along the Front Range presents special problems with soil movement. POR MOR has the ideal solution to address this problem: a structural concrete floor on void that creates an air space between the suspended concrete slab and the soil to protect from movement.
Why use a traditional wood or steel suspension approach? By using a concrete structural floor on void you will realize the following benefits:
  • Enhanced mold resistance by isolating the living area from the space below reducing the liability of mold exposure.
  • Lower wall heights, saving both time and money.
  • Enhanced structural integrity with the concrete slab dowelled into the walls on the entire perimeter.
  • Less noise than traditional suspended floors (silent floor system).

Here’s how it works:

  • Prepare the soil and install the specially treated, mold-resistant void.
  • A layer of corrugated steel is laid over the cardboard void.
  • A mat of steel is added for structural stability.
  • The floor is inspected before the concrete is poured, providing an added level of precision.
  • The concrete is poured over the steel base.
  • The cardboard void degrades to leave a hollow space, so the soil can move without affecting the building.

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