Protect yourself against soil movement while also reducing mold exposure and liability

Pouring foundations in Denver and along the Front Range presents special problems with soil movement. Por Mor has the ideal solution to address this problem: a structural concrete floor on void that creates an air space between the suspended concrete slab and the soil to protect from movement.

Why use a traditional wood or steel suspension approach? By using a concrete structural floor on void you will realize the following benefits:

  • Enhanced mold resistance by isolating the living area from the space below reducing the liability of mold exposure
  • Lower wall heights, saving both time and money
  • Enhanced structural integrity with the concrete slab dowelled into the walls on the entire perimeter
  • Less noise than traditional suspension floors – silent floor system
  • Design enhancements with concrete coloring and stamping are an option
Time Lapse Void Installation

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Large Scale Void Installation

Here’s how it works:

  • Prepare the soil and install the specially treated, mold-resistant void
  • A layer of corrugated steel is laid over the cardboard void
  • A mat of steel is added for structural stability
  • The floor is inspected before the concrete is poured, providing an added level of precision
  • The concrete is poured over the steel base
  • The cardboard void degrades to leave a hollow space, so the soil can move without affecting the building
Try Por Mor for your next job and you’ll quickly realize it pays to work with the Industry Leader. On-time, high quality foundations keep your project moving and put more money in your pocket.